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Save the Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM) Coalition receives generous funding from:

Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

For fresh air, clean water, healthy local food, and a thriving economy with good jobs Ontario’s Greenbelt is the solution. At almost 2 million acres, it’s the world’s largest permanently protected greenbelt, keeping our farmlands, forests, wetlands safe and sustainable.The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation works to help keep farmers successful, strengthen local economies, and protect and grow natural features.


Freshwater Future

Freshwater Future Canada works to ensure the healthy future of our waters in the Great Lakes region. As the only watershed-wide organization dedicated solely to supporting the needs of community-based groups and actions working to protect and restore Great Lakes land and water resources, Freshwater Future Canada is able to help protect and restore the Great Lakes like no other organization.


Patagonia gives 1% of our sales to support environmental organizations around the world, funding at the grassroots level in countries and communities where we have people on the ground.




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