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Green Belt Prize Finalists Chosen
Now it's up to you to visit and pick the winner!

Mar. 26, 2007

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The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, 4-H Ontario, Citizens’ Environment Watch, Gallery 1313, Save the Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM) Coalition, Toronto Environmental Alliance, and the Wine Council of Ontario are proud to present the ten finalists for the Green Belt Prize.

The Green Belt Prize – promoted by CityTV, CP24 and A Channel Toronto and hosted on – is a talent competition for Ontarians to express their views on the Greenbelt. We received hundreds of applications and the best entries were invited to tape their auditions.

We now have ten finalists who have told us why the Greenbelt is important to them. Check them out and vote for your favorite. The lucky winner will be belted with the “Green Belt” and will receive $10,000 to continue to showcase the Greenbelt in their chosen art form.

So be sure to view the Green Belt Prize videos of the ten finalists at Find out why the Greenbelt is important, and how these finalists conveyed the beauty, the bounty, and the fun of the Greenbelt in their chosen art form.

To learn more about the Ontario Greenbelt, please visit

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