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Oak Ridges Moraine Partnership

The Oak Ridges Moraine Partnership for 2015 promotes appreciation of the Oak Ridges Moraine, a unique landscape in southern Ontario, and civic engagement in the upcoming government review of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan. This partnership, consisting of four committed organizations – Earthroots, EcoSpark, Ontario Nature and STORM coalition, has been preparing for the plan review for many years by monitoring issues that threaten the hydrological and ecological integrity of the moraine, and encouraging civic engagement in moraine protection.

Partnership groups have been and continue to remain actively involved in the 2015 review process to ensure the protection of the moraine for generations to come

mm logoMarvellous Moraine website
Discover the beauty and importance of the Oak Ridges Moraine at Developed by the Oak Ridges Moraine Partnership for 2015, this website is your doorway into moraine history, culture and ecology. Its sister site Moraine for 2015, delves deeper into issues affecting the moraine and gives you the opportunity to help protect this unique landscape forever. 


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